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James French was invited to participate in a panel at the 2024 Tom Tom Festival on April 17th in Charlottesville, Virginia titled “Navigating the Frontier: The Future of AI and Ethics.” This engaging discussion brought together experts from various fields to explore the evolving landscape of AI and its ethical implications.

During the panel, French highlighted the unique effectiveness of Structural Parity (SP) in AI governance. Structural Parity goes beyond mainstream approaches, providing a robust framework that links people, processes, and technology to ensure collaborative decision-making and action, as well as transparency, accountability, and locality in AI governance

The discussion underscored the need to address the urgent ethical challenges posed by AI, from discrimination and privacy erosion to ensuring equitable access to AI-driven opportunities. The public’s growing awareness of these dangers makes it imperative to implement governance models like Structural Parity, which prioritize democratic and civic values.

credit: Kori Price Photography

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